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My name's Sam Kelleher, and I am a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer / Software Architect based in London. This website mostly contains a sample of work from my portfolio, tips and best practicies for building web applications, and reviews + photos of food and hotels in London.

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CMS Gallery + GIF Support

A photo gallery within the admin console of a CMS I created called Leaf. The gallery components takes uploaded images, and creates all the required dimensions for the website. It supports creating WebP versions of all images, as well as the usual PNG, JPEG, types. PDFs are also converted to JPEGs. If a GIF is uploaded, the animation is preserved and rendered. The GIF is also undergoes some lossless compression to make the animation load faster. Read more...

Backbone + WebSocket Single Page Application for Car Dealerships

A online and packagable application built using Backbone.js + Marionette.js, running on a WebSocket enabled C#/SQL backend. Being a Single Page Application (SPA), the application runs very natively, with fast performance between screen loads, and can handle transient network errors as users dip in and out of WiFi coverage. Read more...

Calendar Based Booking System

This online booking and availability system has the functionality to show to both customers and staff members the same UI but with different enabled functionality. Staff can use the same system to view availability with granular detail, and book on behalf of customers (such as over the phone), while customers can use the system to book themselves. By using this adaptive UI technique saves time and costs as no separate 'staff only' system is required to make bookings. Read more...