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My name's Sam Kelleher, and I am a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer / Software Architect based in London. This website mostly contains a sample of work from my portfolio, tips, and best practicies for building web applications, and reviews + photos of food and hotels in London.

Sam Kelleher

I'm a Senior Developer based in London. I design and develop beautiful and modern web applications and worked with big household names.

I've been working on the full-stack of SaaSbased products for several years. I'm fully versed with all the web technolgies (JavaScript, HTML etc) and where they interface with server-side code (Node, C#, PHP, SQL) - as well as paring them with native mobile applications (using Swift, Objective-C, Java etc).

I have a particular specialty and interest working with web applications that work and update in realtime across all platforms (usually using WebSockets) and provide a fast, intelligent, and cohesive user experience across devices.

About this website

I hand-wrote this ReactJS powered website and blog to use a portfolio and to share my thoughts on all the changes in Internet related technology. I'll also share some of my favourite photos I take in a photography section, since I like to explore and get around London (and further afield) when I'm not sat at a computer coding.

The website itself is divided into post types and categories. The types of posts just includes the basic like standard essay style posts, photos, screenshots, galleries, status etc. All these different post types are spread across a number of categories, such as opinion (where I share my personal take on something), reviews etc.