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Statement on the UK exit from the EU 🇪🇺

I believe in inclusivity, openness, outwardness, a forward thinking future for all.

Brexit is the opposite of that.

The entire referendum was propagated by manipulating social networks for spreading targeted misinformation paid for by unknown foreign actors. What might not be obvious to those outside the UK, is that most mainstream media providers have all sewn an anti-immigration narrative for several years broadcasting radial right-wing opinions rather than fact based news. Factual misinformation has been promoted without question.

Democracy is an ongoing basis, to treat a non-binding referendum as binding and not give the public the change to reflect based on new information and instead use a flawed vote as a mandate to pursue the worst flavour of Brexit is just madness.

European citizenship is about being part of something greater than just the sum of my own nationality. While the EU is not by any means perfect, it stands as a triumph of human political achievement.

We are better off together than we are alone.

Fortunately I was able to personally retain my freedom of movement and European citizenship due to holding dual citizenship with the UK and Ireland.

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