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White Mulberries

This out-of-the-way coffee shop seems to cater for the tourist and locals alike being tucked away in the middle of St Katherine Docks. Coffee wise it's quite delicious. They take their time to make the perfect coffee and take pride in their foam art. The soy is an extra 40p but tastes really natural with the coffee. Service wise, this place is a victim to it's own popularity. It's only a small/tiny shop with space inside for seating about 10, 2 or 3 staff max. So it can get crowded rapidly, the selection of sandwiches/cakes can be depleted if you visit after lunch, and they'll give you cheap disposable takeaway cups even if you sit inside (or ask for a a 'proper' glass like I did). An extra star if they had offered the same quality service as the coffee, otherwise I might as well go to the Waitrose around the corner and have the free customer coffee they offer which is also pretty decent.

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