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Vue Cinemas

Being a new cinema has it's perks. Compared to the aging cinemas of the West End, this cineplex has a whole bunch of screens with a lot of choice for films. This makes it handy as there is always a film on worth seeing. Screen 5 is the best, since it's the 'xtreme' size screen, so most feature films are in here. The sound system is good and rumbly through the floor. The ticket machines outside are a bit naff, as there are often ques and they are hard to use, but you can book seats. The couple of pounds extra for the 'VIP' seats is nothing special, but if you want a bit of space I guess. The seats aren't as good as the BFI IMAX which has the couples seating. Tips, book in advance, make sure you book the large screen (they are labelled as such). There is about 20/25 minutes of adverts which start as the advertised start time, it probably takes about this long to get a ticket.

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