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My name's Sam Kelleher, and I am a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer / Software Architect based in London. This website mostly contains a sample of work from my portfolio, tips and best practicies for building web applications, and reviews + photos of food and hotels in London.

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Somerset House Ice Rink

One of Londons best rinks. What's special about this one is the colored lighting that adds atmosphere, the decent music system, and the lighting generally around somerset house. The bar lounge is also pretty decent. There is a small isolated area at back for beginners or children. As well as a viewing area where people can walk into the ice area. The ice itself is well maintained, clean, no puddles, smooth. Compared to Canary Wharf ice rink, the ice is much smoother (Canary Wharf often gets full of leaves or puddles), however unlike Canary Wharf, you are not allowed to bring a camera onto the ice which is a bit of a silly rule nowdays. You can take pictures from the front however off ice. My biggest tip is to go when it's not busy. Being on one of Londons busiest streets, it has a lot of visitors. One of the first or last sessions is best if you want some space. Read more...