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Wahaca: Waterloo

Wacaha is doing well to have quite a standardized experience; as is in, whichever branch I go to, the service is always consistent and the places where the fewest mistakes happen. Staff are friendly and on the ball. This branch at Waterloo can get busy on weekends with a queue of 30 mins sometimes which is a pain as there is no real bar to speak of that you can wait in (unlike Soho which has a large bar/club downstairs). Food wise, the menu changes and there are at least 5 vegetarian options to choose from. The food is a little cheese heavy (so watch out if you get bloaty on dairy based food, but there is a dairy-free hot chocolate which is delicious), but generally tasty and spicy. I highly recommend the Horchata drink and Plantain Tacos. I could have just these things forever.

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