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Mondrian Hotel London

This hotel opened October 1st 2014 so obviously has that fresh new feeling to everything. Everything from the furnishings to the building look newly unwrapped. The staff all wear big smiles and are very friendly and helpful. The grand entrance lobby is actually at the back (on the side away from the Thames). The river facing entrance is just a door and you would think that it's not a hotel/bar/restaurant at all as it's one-way mirrored glass (which on the inside is funny to see people adjust themselves in the mirror). The hotel is clearly trying to appeal for an older big-spend market as have a large range of cocktails with a price tag to match.

The actual quality was the only issue I could come up. While the staff were all friendly, their newness was clear. They didn't know if it was better to enjoy a coffee in the lounge area or in the bar; then said coffee very disappointing being more burnt froth than anything else. There is only one sweet served in the bar, marshmallows. No cakes, no afternoon tea..!

Decor was modern, minimalist, but generally sparse. Although sleek, the hotel lacks any character or memorability; some pieces of interesting artwork or sculpture would be welcome additions. The most interesting thing was the lit hallway on the way to the restrooms (which don't even have any hand moisturizer).

It's a new hotel so I would love to come back and revisit in the coming months to see if they find their feet.

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